Bangkok Nights

Beer Garden

Thai Eatery

37 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303


In 2006, a group of friends comprised of a chef, an architect, an accountant, and a restaurant manager joined forces to open @Bangkok restaurant, where you could taste, feel and enjoy a meal with entertainment (live Thai music) for almost 24 hours in Central Sydney. (Haymarket). @Bangkok restaurant became the only Thai place that the food, drinks, and entertainment are available until dawn. (Open until 5.00 am on the weekend). At Bangkok restaurant was most welcomed by the Thai community and since then has become part of Thai town.

Fast forward to year 2020, a friend who is Newcastle local resident, asked our team to open another @Bangkok in Hamilton, Newcastle. We are quite reluctant at first thinking that our food may not be welcomed in this city as we are quite different from the mainstream Thai restaurant. However, after a few visits to Newcastle, I start to fall in love with this lovely city and here we are!! Bangkok Nights at Hamilton.

@ Bangkok night

We still keep most of the menu from @Bangkok Restaurant original, we brought our experience Chef from Sydney, so you can have the same taste and standard here.

Our philosophy still the same, you will feel like you are dinning in Bangkok Thailand enjoying both Bangkok Style ambient and food. 

Come and try!!! we are welcome Newcastle resident to try our exciting street food, the real authentic Thai dishes you may never find in other Thai restaurant in Newcastle 


Tel: 02-49623177


Facebook: BangkokNights.Hamilton

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